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Our site is simple to use and allows you to automatically preview our availability list and contact us quickly by e-mail. Each listing will have the monthly cost, rental status and the available date for move-in, along with detailed pictures of the homes available. No other company offers this much versatility when it comes to finding that perfect rental that you can call home.

Looking for something not on our rental list simply choose fill in the requested information, and we will contact you. We can help you find ANY rental home in Celebration.



If you're planning to rent your home in the next few months, we will provide help establishing your home's current market monthly rental value.
If you are a property owner in Celebration or the surrounding area, simply choose Owner Application and fill out the requested information. I will use comparable rented listings to help you calculate the fair market rental price for your home or investment.

We strive on working to keep down time to a minimum and providing easy to read monthly statements on your property. Our Services offer in house lawn care, landscaping, pool care, general repairs and maintenance, as well as home re-sales and home buying.


We offer our Owners and Tenants the most advanced technology supplying all property data in real time and at your fingertips from anywhere.

For Owners

  • Direct Deposit
  • Real Time Work Order and Bill Tracker 
  • Easy Access to Statements From Anywhere
  • Live Chat Room with CRG Administration or Property Manager

For Tenants

  • Pay Online
  • Tenant Ledger Accessibility
  • Move-out Notices Made Easy
  • Request Maintenance 24/7 






"Your Property Management Specialists"
This website will provide the perfect place to search for a rental home in Celebration and the surrounding area. Our office has over 40 years of combined experience in the real estate business. We are the only leasing agency in the downtown area, providing the best rental properties in Celebration.
Luxury Estate Homes, Single Family Homes, Condos,
Townhouses, or Villas, Celebration Rental Group will assist you with all of your Property Management needs!
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